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What is Family Integrated Worship?

At first Baptist Church of Jasmine Lakes, we believe that the church and the family are the two institutions that God has created for the spread of His gospel of grace and the discipleship of His people. This implies that these two institutions are the most important institutions on earth.

We also believe that the Bible alone is sufficient for all of life, especially in the body of Christ. The Bible paints a picture in which churches, individuals, and families are integrated, not segregated. This stands in sharp contrast to modern churches that fragment families, which is prevalent today. Therefore, we defend the importance of age-integration as a biblical model of church life to the glory of Christ, the good of His people, and the reform of His blood-bought churches.

Below is a sermon, delivered by Pastor Frank DiPronio, that provides an overview of Family Integration:



NCFICFor more Information, please view the Family Integration Declaration from The National Center for Family Integrated Churches (NCFIC). Or visit the NCFIC website at: